About this project

Blowout: Inside America’s Energy Gamble, an investigative look at the climate, public health, economic and social impacts of the U.S. fossil-fuel export boom, had its roots in the fall of 2017. That’s when the International Energy Agency issued a report declaring “the era of oil is not over” and predicting an unprecedented surge in overseas shipments of crude oil and liquefied natural gas. Initial research by the Center for Public Integrity’s environment team in early 2018 suggested a wave of drilling and infrastructure-building already was under way, notably in the Permian Basin of Texas and New Mexico and along the Texas Gulf Coast. By spring, a four-way consortium had formed to chronicle the effects of the boom, from Texas to Asia. Reporters, editors, producers, photographers and news developers with the Center, the Texas Tribune, The Associated Press and Newsy collaborated on an occasional series that began in October 2018.

Project Team

Center for Public Integrity

  • Editors: Jim Morris, Jamie Smith Hopkins
  • Reporters: Jamie Smith Hopkins, Jie Jenny Zou, Rachel Leven, Jim Morris
  • News Developer: Pratheek Rebala

Texas Tribune

  • Editor: Dave Harmon
  • Reporter: Kiah Collier
  • Photographers: Jerod Foster, Majorie Kamys Cotera
  • Data and graphics: Darla Cameron, Chris Essig


  • Washington Bureau Chief: Ellen Weiss
  • Executive Producer: Zach Toombs
  • Producer: Kate Grumke
  • Director of Photography: Kevin Clancy
  • Videographer: Kyle Pyatt
  • Video Editor: Jennifer Smart

The Associated Press

  • Editor: Michael Hudson
  • Reporter: Michael Biesecker

The Center for Public Integrity is a nonprofit, nonpartisan investigative newsroom in Washington, D.C.